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Featured Articles
Principals Australia Institute (PAI) is regularly invited to contribute articles to education publications, covering topics including leadership, technology in education and wellbeing in schools.

Principal profile: Liz Smith

West Australian Liz Smith is a 21st century educator who very much has the future in mind – for both staff and students – when leading teaching and learning at Perth's new school, Joseph Banks Secondary College. In 2016 she received a John Laing Award for Professional Development from PAI. Read more.

Principal profile: Graeme Feeney

"I loved it from the start." A passion for teaching and a commitment to leadership and professional learning have helped Scone Grammar’s head of primary inspire others to great success. Graeme Feeney was also a 2016 recipient of a John Laing Award for Professional Development from Principals Australia Institute. Read more.

Principal profile: Helen Chatto

A love of reading is what brings many an educator to the profession, but Helen Chatto has taken her career-long passion for literacy all the way to the principal’s office of Girraween Primary School on the outskirts of Darwin. It was a pleasure for Principals Australia Institute to present her with a John Laing Award for Professional Development last year. Read more.

Principal profile: Gill Berriman

Principal Gill Berriman's time at the helm of Bayview Secondary College, a freshly named high school on Hobart’s eastern shore, has been one of radical change rather than seachange, with Berriman leading many new initiatives and bringing the school community along with her. In 2016, Berriman received a John Laing Award for Professional Development from Principals Australia Institute, for her leadership of professional learning in her own and neighbouring schools, creating a powerful learning alliance in a disadvantaged area. Read more.

Principal profile: Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan has held principal roles at Queensland primary schools for the past 14 years, leading schools ranging from country to city, tiny to large, and across the spectrum of socio-economic bands. In 2016 he received a John Laing Professional Development Award for his commitment to embedded, sustained learning for the teaching profession. Read more.

Principal profile: Mandy Sanderson

Principal of NSW's St John the Baptist Primary School, Mandy Sanderson, has chalked up four decades as a teacher and leader for a simple reason: she regards the profession as a constant learning curve. She's also a recipient of a John Laing Award for Professional Development. Read more.


Principal profile: Pitsa Binnion

2016 John Laing award recipient Pitsa Binnion, of Victoria's McKinnon Secondary College, shares her inspiration and vision for successful school leadership. Read more.

Principal profile: Frank Ali

Frank Ali, Head of Junior School at St John's Grammar School in South Australia, shares how his passion for teaching has yielded a fulfilling career of helping others to achieve. Read more.

Principal profile: Susanne Fisher

As a school principal, Susanne Fisher sees the value of building and applying command skills in everything from classroom teaching and learning to succession planning. Read more.


Principal profile: Suzanne Fern

PAI interviewed Suzanne Fern, Principal at St Aloysius Primary. The article first appeared in Education Review, August 2016. Read more.

Principal profile: Paul Clegg

PAI interviewed Paul Clegg, Sunshine Coast Grammar School Head of Primary, for the June 2016 issue of  ‘Education Review’
Read more.

Principal profile: Kris Willis

Kris Willis, Principal of Caroline Chisholm School in the ACT was interviewed by PAI for the May 2016 issue of  ‘Education Review’. Read about his leadership role and his interest in professional reading.

Principal profile: Leonie Falland

PAI interviewed Leonie Falland, Principal of Carlton Reception – Year 9 School at Port Augusta, South Australia. The article, ‘Reach & Learn’ was published in Education Review in March 2016.

Principal profile: Sue Peddlesden

PAI interviewed Sue Peddlesden, Principal of Gleneagles Secondary College, Melbourne recently. The article, ‘Support the vision’,  was published in Education Review in February 2016.

Principal profile: Chris Bartlett

PAI interviewed Chris Bartlett, Principal of Mater Dei Primary School, Toowoomba, about School leadership, connection, collaboration and bringing people together to benefit students and their learning. The article was published in 'Education Review' in November 2015. Read more.

Principal profile: Jason Borton

PAI interviewed Jason Borton, Principal of Richardson Primary School in Canberra, about strategies to support student learning. This article was published in ‘Education Review’ in October 2015. Read more.

Principal profile: Sabina Smith

PAI interviewed Sabina Smith, Principal of Nhulunbuy High School in NT. This article explores Sabina’s school leadership in a remote area in a time of change. It was published in the September 2015 issue of Education ReviewRead more.

Principal profile: Wendy Potter

PAI interviewed Wendy Potter, Principal of Glenorchy Primary School. The article was published in Education Review, August 2015. Read more.

Professional learning for school leaders in a digital world

This article first appeared in Education Technology Solutions Magazine #67, August-September 2015.

Principal profile: Alex Cameron

This article first appeared in Education Review, Issue 4, June 2015. Read more

Principal profile: Des Noack

The article first appeared in ‘Education Review’, Issue 3, May 2015. Read more.

‘One good year deserves another’ – Student Principal for a Day feature

The article first appeared in ‘Education Review’, Issue 3, May 2015.

The perfect principal - Student Principal for a Day feature

This article first appeared in Education Review,  Issue 2, March 2015.


Principal profile: Tina Bennet

This article first appeared in Education Review,  Issue 2, March 2015. Read more.


Using blended learning to improve student wellbeing

This article first appeared in Education Technology Solutions Magazine, February 2015.


Principal profile: Meredith Edwards

This article first appeared in the Education Review, February 2015. Read more.

Principal profile: Beth Walsh

This article originally appeared in the Education Review, November 2014. Read more.