Every week, Principals Australia Institute delivers workshops, webinars and other events to support the professional learning and leadership development of Australia’s school leaders, teachers and school staff. 

Read on to find out what principals and educators are saying about Principals Australia Institute’s professional development events.

Graduate and Grow:

“The resources were extremely useful, will take some further time to unpack but will definitely assist us in what we want to achieve. A suggested schedule of meetings for guides & graduates was extremely practical.”


Media Training:

“I have constantly used the handy tips with staff, parents that I speak with.  These are great communication tools that can be used 'off and on' the camera. We are always being put on the spot and theses strategies are very useful.”



“Practical coaching opportunities in pairs were great. Loved the coaching in the moment scenario and PGROW model and quadrant activity.”


Leading Change:

Questions posed were thought-provoking and I very much enjoyed uninterrupted time to think deeply about the content, my experiences and where to next.”