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L5 Leadership Framework - Learn Lead Succeed

Principals Australia Institute (PAI) L5 Leadership Framework has close connections with key aspects of the Australian Professional Standard for Principals. The L5 Leadership Framework is a framework for personal leadership development and a process that expands and changes emphasis to meet the needs of the leader and their school and system context. It is a development of concepts and processes that enables new and existing principals to achieve the standard, and can assist with building the personal capacity and aspirations of each person, so he or she can engage in leadership in productive and satisfying ways.

School leaders will recognise themselves and their work in the L5 Framework, as it sets out an overarching, guiding concept of leadership. It can provide a way of strategically focusing on particular aspects of leadership, at any level, in any context and for any particular purpose. Some describe it as lens through which to see the work of school leaders.

The L5 Leadership Framework can be used as the basis for developing a range of strategy-building tools for reflection, analysis, planning and learning. In this way, it provides a framework for responding to the question: 'How can I do leadership well?'


Aims of the workshop

The aim of this workshop is for participants to:

  • explore the L5 Framework for understanding leadership.
  • become familiar with the Learn Lead Succeed resource for building leadership capacity in their school.
  • reflect on their own leadership and the leadership development culture in their school using activities from the resource.
  • network with leaders from the other schools and share experiences and ideas.
  • understand how building leadership capacity in their school could be used to provide evidence to support their own certification as a Certified Practising Principal.

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