Graduate and Grow

Australia as a nation is failing to retain the best people in  the teaching profession. Attrition rates are high with researchers estimating around 30% to 50% of teachers leaving in the first five years. 
The main reason why new teachers do not stay in the profession is because they do not get the support and mentoring they need.
One way to help keep new teachers in the profession is to focus on teacher retention. The working conditions identified by new teachers as contributing to them leaving include: lack of administrative support, poor student discipline and lack of participation in decision making.
Principals Australia Institute (PAI) has developed the Graduate and Grow resource for leaders and mentors, to support graduate teachers. The kit is a practical hands-on resource for graduate teachers to use alongside their school leader or mentor. The kit includes guide books, information cards, webinars and more. 
The Graduate and Grow kit provides practical resources and tools to assist school leaders to foster the effective teaching practice of teachers who are at the beginning of their roles as classroom practitioners. It also provides graduate teachers with resources and strategies that assist their transition into the teaching profession.
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