Financial Literacy for Schools

Financial Literacy for Schools an interactive workshop that provides Principals, School Leaders and Business Managers with basic accounting and financial management principles and strategies.  It outlines cash flow systems regardless of school sector and provides participants with an introduction to basic finance terminology that is needed for a school to manage successful cash flows, understand financial reports and manage effective budgets. The workshop introduces participants to the various types of manual and computerised accounting systems currently and ones which may be more effective for their school. 

The benefits of attending this workshop 

Schools have many areas to manage and keep things working smoothly and efficiently.  Sound financial management in schools is integral to a school operating at its best.  Some common issues faced by schools include correct enrolment numbers to obtain sufficient grants from external stakeholders such as the government to insufficient classrooms for students.  A lack of future forecasting can cost a school thousands in the long run. Principals will benefit from this introductory session as it will equip them to be prepared to address their school board or council on financial matters.

Learning Outcomes 
  • Participants will gain an understanding of what finance reports are telling them 
  • Become educated to the fundamentals of government funding 
  • Understand how to manage their cash flows and debt 
  • Learn how to produce a well thought out financial plan 
  • Manage, read and be prepared for annual budgets 
  • Provide the right accounting management system for their school 
  • Prepare for regular and thorough audits, and how to undertake a periodi financial review 
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