The Educator: Principal wellbeing a "major concern"

Paul Geyer, Chief Executive Officer of Principals Australia Institute, was interviewed by The Educator about the importance of supporting the wellbeing of school leaders.

"The breadth and magnitude of responsibilities can weigh heavily on a school leader, from student wellbeing and discipline to staffing issues and teaching evaluation, plus being in charge of budgeting and resource allocation, legal responsibilities, change management, family engagement and public relations.

“It’s an immense workload for an individual, and many principals are reporting that they feel stretched to the limit.

"The workload and pressures of school leadership roles can mean that some individuals don’t prioritise their own wellbeing – but as difficult as it can be for busy people to make time for themselves, it’s vital to do so.”

Read the full article, 'Principal wellbeing a "major concern"', on The Educator's website.

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