Driving Performance

Great leaders drive a high performance culture in their schools

Having quality teachers and staff members are critical in driving high-performing schools. Most school leaders, however, rely on traditional performance appraisal methods which often does not result in better teaching or school quality. 
Principals Australia Institute (PAI) and Educator Impact have developed the Driving Performance Workshop to enable school leaders to promote and sustain quality team performance. This professional learning session will help you as a school leader to encourage and reward high-performance, as well as effectively manage underperformance. 
What will the workshop involve?

The Driving Performance Workshop will present the latest and best practice in performance management. It will also discuss:
  • How to successfully build systems that create cultures of feedback and peer learning
  • Case studies, data, and stories on a ‘development-focused’ performance management approach
  • How to develop and implement performance development strategies in your local school context
Our facilitator
Dominic Thurbon
Dom Thurbon is an internationally engaged researcher, thought leader and speaker in the fields of innovation, change and education leadership.  A leader ‘in-the-trenches’, Dom directs a team of over 120 staff delivering behaviour change and education programs across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada, reaching over 750,000 students in more than 3,000 schools each year.
At Educator Impact, Dom has pioneered the use of data-driven approaches to teacher professional development and learning, and works with school leaders to bring cultures of feedback and performance to life.
He has worked with education organisations such as AITSL, the ACEL, University of Newcastle, Charles Darwin University, Box Hill TAFE and the Queensland Secondary Principals Association and AHISA. Dom has also worked with government organisations such as the NSW Department of Education, VicRoads and Queensland Health, and his global clients include Apple, Microsoft, Bank of America, and De Beers.


Find out more
Download the brochure hereFor more information about our Driving Performacne Workshop, contact PAI on 08 8394 2100 or visit our Events Calendar